Since Design school I have learned the importance of Design Boards, or Mood Boards, let me tell you what I have learned and what I love about them, and how I make them.

The purpose of these boards are so important in design simply because it puts all your elements together in one place and gives you a perfect idea of what your project will look like. Putting all your choices together in one place and being able to look at it together before doing the project is helpful for the simple fact that it keeps you on track, what you have so far and what might be missing. Staying on track for me is key because I can get lost in choices very easily! Ha! From this starting point you add or subtract elements to get the perfect marriage. For myself it is also a part of my sourcing out of elements/items for the project which helps down the road when you get into budget talks.

I use MicroSoft Word to make my Design Boards, it’s a simple process of cutting and pasting, cropping and adjusting to make my board pleasant to look at and not messy looking and easy to see the entire scope of the project in one glance.

This above Board is a current one that I have made for my Kitchen REFRESHERATION, not a total renovation but using what I have and adding to it to make it my dream kitchen! In this particular project I am painting my existing cabinets and building them up to meet the 9 foot ceiling height. I am also replacing my countertops with marble but keeping my exisiting pebble backsplash as it lends to our farmhouse vibe. I am replacing the sink with a double bowl white farmhouse if I can find the perfect dimension and keeping my matte black Moen faucet because I love the look and functionality of it.

This is the sink I am dreaming of :

I am also building a hood vent cover with wood to bring warmth to the space and flanking a wall with wood floating shelves to bring it all together. I will be building both of those elements. Also, new simple style door pulls were in the budget and I choose these and love the look:

It’s Old meets New and everything in between!

Thank you for following along and encouraging me throughout this ONE MAN SHOW! It’s been so much fun and I’ve been learning so much along the way.

To tie into our kitchen, I have already created a Design Board for the adjoining Back Entry Room and here it is:

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