Frame a Mirror – Little Budget BIG Impact

Here are two of our bathrooms with framed mirrors both put together a little differently….

Some times the little things end up being BIG things in my opinion when it comes to design and decor.

We had builders grade sheet mirrors in our bathrooms, and they were way too big for the space and basically were just plan MEH. I took them down and to a glass shop and had them cut down to a size I liked better. Fun Fact, I took them back to the SAME business that installed them 20 years ago, they are a fantastic family run business and a bonus was they didn’t charge me a thing because I owned the glass!

As they were in the shop being cut down, my husband and I had been out doing some shopping and spotted alot of mirrors that had beautiful frames but they were PRICEY and I couldn’t justify them since there was nothing wrong with mine. So a light bulb went off and I went straight to the lumber aisle at Lowes. I picked up so 2″ poplar wood and off I went. I stained these pieces the same color as my window trim and made a frame out of them to go around the mirrors. I put them on edge for a nice change and it gave the wall a whole new layer and I AM IN LOVE with it.

TOTAL cost of the mirrors = $24 WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!


  • 2″ poplar wood – found in Wood Section at Home Depot in 4 foot lengths
  • wood glue


  • Cut your wood the proper lengths with a mitre saw – I did Butt Joints so I didn’t have to worry about a perfect Mitre cut
  • Dry fit your pieces to ensure a perfect fit – my mirror was hung crooked so it wasn’t square at first, we fixed that
  • Glue the pieces together and allow to cure off the wall, then adhere to the wall with small dabs of glue
  • Admire your new mirror 🙂

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