Transom Window DIY

Our main floor has 9 foot ceilings and since we built (circa 2001) I had wished we put in 8 foot doors to make the space look more grand. Then after seeing one of my favorite follows on Instagram, I got the idea that we can put in 1 foot transoms above some doors in the house and really give it an update as well as make the space look alot taller. The first one we did was the corner pantry and I LOVE the way it turned out!

Here are the directions for the Transom Window DIY, it’s alot easier than you think:

  1. Mark out the where the window will go; you want to cut the drywall the size of glass you want + width of the frame (I use door jamb) + 1/4″ wiggle room – don’t worry the new casing will cover this up 😉
  2. Cut an investigative hole first to make sure you don’t have any obstructions or wires in the way of your project ** VERY IMPORTANT**
  3. Cut out measured hole (measurements as per STEP 1) with reciprocating saw or drywall knife, your preference
  4. Leave moulding on top of the existing door, this will become the bottom of the transom
  5. Build your Transom Frame out of Door Jamb and dry fit it into your space, the inside measurement will be the size of the window you want. You many have to install backing for your frame inside your wall so the frame has something to attach to
  6. Install your frame by nailing into backing, shim if necessary within that extra 1/4″ space you have cut; make sure it is leave
  7. Frame the glass on the inside and slide glass in
  8. Frame the glass on the outside
  9. Apply electrical tape if you are wanting faux panes (see bottom of page for more finished pictures)


After installing this beautiful window I took it one step further and used black Electrical Tape to put the faux panes in the glass, my husband literally could not tell they are tape – very pleased with how these Transoms turned out and how much light they allow into our kitchen space.

Do you think you would try this? I totally encourage you to go for it if you have the ceiling space – I am here to cheer you on and answer any questions you have!

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