Thanksgiving Table Scape

Here are some quick tips for an easy and affordable Table Scape:

This year I decided that I was going to SHOP MY HOME and re-use and upcycle as much stuff as possible. The reason is simple, I had to venture into my storage room and quite frankly it was down right embarassing AND unnecessary.

Why do I accumulate so much STUFF? Well, cause, everything is so darn cute and beautiful and I have to have all the things (insert monkey covering up its face emoji). I’m feeling kinda done with that because to be honest, it just feels so good to have minimal things – sure a few new things here and there but getting rid of stuff I never use anymore so I don’t become a pack rat. So without further comment on the state of my storage room, here are a few tips that I am adopting moving forward for my holiday decor:

  1. I invested in a new table cloth that I could use for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have always loved the black and white buffalo check and when one thing works for two holidays I feel like its a WINNER!
  2. I am using my gold plate chargers that I use for Christmas, because again why not? Gold is actually the perfect FALL color! If you don’t like it then spray paint them – just an idea, I spray paint pretty much everything in my world if I can – hah!
  3. Another thing that I would say is a MUST would be a good under pad for your table cloth, it helps everything sit properly and nicely on the table when you set it, I purchased one for under $20 at Home Sense.

4. Have a set of white/cream/beige (neutral) dinner ware. I have a off white set that I use for all holidays, its goes with every single place setting. Ok – lets be honest, I only have ONE set of dishes period, so I made sure when I purchased them, they were neutral. If you want a special set for holidays and don’t want to break the bank, I suggest your local Dollar Store, you would be surprised at what you can pick up plain dishes for. We purchased some dinner ware for our daughters wedding and I believe white glass plates were $1.25 and wine glasses were the same, you can’t go wrong.

5. Set your table and build layers with your seasonal items, if possible shop around your yard for seasonal foliage that will add to the beauty of your setting and brings the outside in.

6. I wanted a new centerpiece but again wanted to be FRUGAL so I had a bunch of 1X8 in my wood shop so I built a simple little crate and filled it with all my decor, it cost me $0 and I was thrilled with the outcome. Throw a set of mini copper lights in there and it will be beautiful. If you aren’t a DIY‘er see if you have anything seasonal in your garden shed that could double up as a center piece, you would be surprised if you just thought outside the box!

I hope you got a couple new ideas for your holiday table scape – oh!!! One last really GOOD tip, table cloths can be pricey so another option is to visit your local hardware store and pick up a Drop Cloth from the paint department, they are always cream color and would go with ANY decor you have planned !

You are WELCOME for that bonus TIP 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

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