How Power Tools changed my life – thank you RYOBI

This might sound a little weird to most….but stick with me if you will.

Mothers Day 2020 my husband and I were walking through Home Depot (not unusual) and we went by the Power Tool section, and as usual also, I stopped and swooned over the cordless RYOBI power nailer. This tool specifially has always been a dream for me – laugh all you want, but I’ve stayed up at night thinking about all the projects I could do if I didn’t have to lug around a big air compressor and need help. haha!

There just happened to be a sale on that day for the RYOBI set and if you bought the set you got the nailer FREE – wait WHAT?!!! Honestly that is incredible value, but even better the fact that I would get ALL the tools I dreamed of in one day – YEP, it happened folks and from that day forward it changed my life……

He bought me all the tools and the rest is history, buy you might still be wondering how “tools” changed my life, ya you got new things to do, big deal right? Let me share that with you, because it is key I believe to me moving forward in my life.

I was in a bit of a rut, not gonna lie to you. If you have read my post “My WHY for DIY” you know that my girls are older (19 & 22) and one was graduating University and getting married and one was in her second year of University and set to move out in the fall. My purpose for the last 19 & 22 years of my life had been simple to figure out, I was their mama, end of story, I was always busy doing all the MOM things – those years flew by.

All of a sudden I was questioning my purpose, what will I do with my time, who am I, I mean I knew they will always need their mama, but not in the same way. I was at a crossroads in life and I didn’t expect to get here this soon (where did all that time seriously go?) I had put my career on hold by choice to be home with our girls with ZERO regrets, that was my choice and that worked for OUR family, but here we were. UGHHHH

So he bought me ALL the tools and I carried the nailer around in my purse from that day forward – the end.

JUST KIDDING, but he recognized where I was at, and he wanted to help propel me in the direction of something that would give me some purpose again. It gave me the guts to stop dreaming and staying up late and thinking about ALL the things that I would like to try, and to just have the confidence to DO IT. He took away an excuse I had to go for it and I HAVENT STOPPED SINCE.

I had already started and Instagram profile to connect with other like accounts, and to follow along and find accounts with that common interest. I didn’t take it seriously but more to fill the time (so much time!) with things I was passionate about. I would share my projects and an amazing thing started happening – people started following me……ME! What the heck!!!! This for me was NEXT LEVEL!

I started getting messages about how I was using my gift to inspire others when selfishly I thought I was just filling my time and getting out of my rut with a hobby! But here I was actually inpsiring others??? That’s all I needed to be honest, I truly enjoy being the cheerleader for everyone and encouraging, that is a passion of mine as well and I truly mean everything I say but this for me was like winning the lottery!!! People were following me back and encouraging me – I liked that – ALOT!

So to say that power tools has changed my life is not an understatement and it will be something I never forget, and those power tools are RYOBI and purchased from Home Depot Canada. These tools are by far the easiest system of tools to use, they all run on the same battery so you can interchange the battery for the Nailer (my fav!!), the circular Saw, the Drill, the Multi Tool, the Cut off Saw, the Impact Drill, its just that slick!

For obvious reasons I highly recommend this system of tools if you are in the market, and if you are just thinking about it and have teh means to purchase tool, I strongly encourage you to stop thinking about it and just go buy them, start using them and the rest will fall into place!

Here is the set I got:

And here is that handy dandy NAILER (insert heart eyes):

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