One Room Challenge WEEK 6 – Transformation

HELLLLLLLOOOOOO! I am excited because in the last two weeks my room has finally turned the corner and a transformation has been made! I still have alot to do but there was a point in this project, while ripping out 20 year old tile, that I didn’t think I could get to this point.

So like I talked about in my last post we ripped out some tile and we went right over top some of it, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

I wanted to mention that all my tile products were purchased from, I find their selection and quality for the price, to be top notch. The larger floor and wall tile is not a current selection, much to my husbands demise, it has been taking up real estate in the garage for 2 years but the smaller “greige” Subway tile is current this month and it is a perfect combination of beige and greys.

Enough about the tile, I could talk about it for days cause I do love it that much. I freaked out the whole time it was being layed because I was scared the subway was too beige against the large grey tile, but it turned out. Remember it all depends on YOUR space, not how it looks in the store, take samples home and look at it under your lighting, makes all the difference. I always have a pile of “take backs”, that pile has gotten larger through this whole COVID mess but that’s ok, just another pile in the garage for everyone to navigate around ;).

Let’s talk about my mirrors, these were the original builders grade mirrors (20 years old), we took them down and had them cut a little smaller, which by the way is free of charge at most glass places – yay! Then I bought 1×2 poplar boards and stained it the same color as the trim around the window and the beams that I am building, and framed the mirrors. I turned the 1×2 on the edge and it gave the wall some dimension – again, I do love how it turned out and saved me hundreds of dollars from buying new mirrors. I think the poplar cost me $3 a piece and I needed 9 pieces, quick math tells me that it was cheap – LOL!

Bringing in these wood tones was really important to me to warm up the space. The large grey tile is VERY dominant so the wood just adds another layer. Once I get these beams up it will be yet another HUGE transformation! Stay tuned and thank you so much for being here.

One last thing I want to talk about is Matte Black Spray Paint from Rustoleum, it’s very myfavorite thing in the whole DIY world, not lying. I sprayed my tub faucet with it and then sealed it with a clear coat, I am not a huge bather (disclaimer) so this tub never gets used, I couldn’t justify a new faucet when nothing was wrong with this one, so I sprayed it when the walls were ripped apart – it turned out perfectly. If you ever need a quick fixer upper, try spraying things, you will save alot of money!


Paint Color Cabinets: White Chocolate Benajmin Moore (Advance Line Pearl Finish)

Wall Color: Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore (Aura Line Eggshell finish)

Cabinet Hardware: Ikea Canada

Wood to frame mirrors: Lowes Canada

Tub Faucet Spray Paint (Chrome to Matte Black): Rustoleum

Thank you for all the fun and guidance, this platform has been so rewarding, so many great accounts and friends have been made!

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