One Room Challenge – WEEK 4 – Time for Tile

Here we are right smack in the middle of this fun One Room Challenge, and I am starting, and when I say starting , I mean starting just a little bit to see my vision come to reality.

It’s so easy to make a Design Board and pick all the pretty things but renos and projects are never that easy. There are SO many turns with a reno when you are dealing with a 20 year old house, unexpected things happen (ummm water leak) and things aren’t a clean slate like a new build.

As mentioned in my last Blog Post, we decided to totally remove the tile that was attached to any drywall because it just wast NOT coming off, like at all. Having said that, the other end of the spectrum is that our tile was well installed and did not have one crack or loss of grout anywhere, SO we tiled right over top the floor and tub as that tile was adhered to plywood. Taking that out would have been back breaking and quite frankly, I didn’t have it in me and if you know me at all, I am far to frugal to pay somebody to do that – haha.

Onto the tile, I made my tile choices and they were two different thickness’, I didn’t even think about it when purchasing it, so that was the first obstacble as I was stacking the tiles on top of each other. The second obstacle was the color. I would like to say the color that I am trying hard to accomplish in this space is GREIGE, a combination of Grey and Beige, giving me a timeless result as I am not doing this bathroom again for another 20 years.

In the store the subway tile I chose was totally Beige with hardly any grey undertones, but I really fell in love with it. I brought it home and in my space the tile totally blended with our grey floor and wall tile. So always remember to take samples home to try in your space. I had to return quite a few samples but I wanted to make sure they were right, in the stores the lighting is usually not favourable and definately not the same that you have in your home so that’s an important tip.

As far as the different thickness’ go, we purchased matting that can go under the thinner tile and bring it out to the same depth as the thicker tile, once the schulter is attached, it will be clean and PERFECT!

Another thing that happened this week was me RE painting our cabinets. I had already painted the solid maple cabinets to white, but it just wasn’t right with my design and space, it was far to cold and bright, not the look or feel I was after. I always use Benjamin Moore Advance line ( for cabinet painting, the leveling this product done is unreal, it finishes off as if it has been sprayed. The color I ended with is White Chocolate in a Pearl finish and I am in love with it, it is exactly what I was looking for and hoping for. The off white color with the black iron handles is perfection (for me) and my space.

My plans for the space include bringing in some stained wood, I would like to frame the mirrors and the big window above the tub to match the large ceiling beams that I will be making and installing. I am hoping this wood tone warms up the space and gives it a Rustic Farmhouse feel with a traditional warmth.

The beams are 100% inspired from , she is a huge mentor on Instagram for all of us that DIY, she revs me up and gives me the courage to just go for it! Although she did pine tongue and groove on the ceiling as well as the beams, I am planning on just doing 3 beams and keep the white ceiling. I am making the beams out of 1×6 pine boards 10 feet long, that is next weeks big task – wish me luck!

Shall we take a quick, like SUPER quick peek back at how far we have come?….eeeek!

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