One Room Challenge – WEEK 3 – Demo Day

Once again thank you to for hosting this amazingly fun challenge!! The word challenge had a whole new meaning this week for me, I even missed posting Week 2 because I was so up to my eyeballs in 20 year old tile and trying to figure out the best way to get this crap out of here! But here is my progress thus far…..

The amount of tile in this bathroom is daunting to be honest. I talked to a few of design professionals and got a few different opinions on what to do with this tile….from trying to chip it off (I did!), to cutting it out and also to tile right over top! The tile had alot of glue and the drywall was coming with it and making a huge mess, so we decided to just cut it out and replace the drywall and then the fresh new tile over top that. For the floor and around the jet tub, we have decided to go right over top with the new tile, simply because the amount of glue on the tile that came out was huge and the floor and tub have plywood underneath so it has a more solid base. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t always suggest this however, my tile was in tip top shape, not even one grout or tile crack anywhere so the “bones were good”. Moving on!

I had a new appreciation for my Ryobi multi tool during this project, it cut the drywall like butter even on setting 1, being super careful of course only going in 1/2″, as you can see there is electrical in places you would least expect so you always need to take that into consideration when doing a demo. You need to think and look at what is behind that room in the other room, for me that was our living room with all the tv cables and electrical so I knew I would have to be cautious.

Here is a before of the cabinets in the bathroom and the beautiful vanity light ;), which my hubsand thinks is still in Style because they still sell them, so he figures it must not be outdated – ughhh. My plan is to take that vanity light down and put a nice 3 light bar over each mirror, not only will it update this space, the lighting for each mirror space will be so much better.

Let’s talk about White Paint, so even though I am very happy with the all around “look” of the white vs. the wood, the color I choose is just a little to stark for this space. The color is Benjamin Moore Cloud White and it is a beauty. Also I couldn’t be happier with the paint I used, Benjamin Moore Advance with a Pearl finish, its settles out beautifully and looks like it has been sprayed.

There are a zillion whites to choose from, and they look different in each room, but I have decided to change this white to another white from Bejamin Moore, White Chocolate. I have used this color before many times and I feel with the wood accents I am working on for this room (ceiling beams and mirror trim), this white will be alot warmer and give the room the feel I am looking for. Stay tuned for that ;). BUT still an upgrade from the Orangey Yellow color.

Here is a close up of the final tile choices and faucets for the space, keep in mind we are going for that Rustic Farmhouse look, and I am in LOVE with these simple Matte Black faucets, all products are from Lowes

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