One Room Challenge – WEEK 1 – Design Board

I am so excited to be a part of the BHG One Room Challenge Spring 2020 edition !! It’s going to be a good one, a hard one for sure, bathroom renos are always tricky because they are a smaller space and trick you into thinking they will be less work……when you see my before pics you will instantly see that is NOT the case here – haha!

I am tackling our seriously outdated ensuite bathroom, the amount of tile that needs to be demolished is crazy and makes my head spin, but here we are, and I am ready for DEMO DAY!

Below are the before pictures, I am not certain why, but 20 years ago when we built this beauty this tile was all the rage, little did I know that it was the exact same tile Home Depot used in their bathrooms – Soooo, to get this tile ripped out feels quite good! Time to update this space to a more timeless option and working on a rustic farmhouse feel.

The plans are as follows:

  • when we built our home we invested in solid wood cabinetry so we are going to paint what we have as they are still in very good shape so it doesn’t make sense to rip them out
  • I am going to do my best to keep the mirrors and add a nice wood frame around them with a shelf on the bottom to house some pretty decor
  • I am building 6 x 6 pine ceiling beams to give it a warm rustic feel, I want to “beat up” the pine so the beams look like older wood. If you follow @angelarosehome you will see exactly what I am after, but I am not going to do the tongue and groove ceiling treatment, just the beams
  • I will also build some wood floating shelves on one wall to tie all the wood together
  • Also we are not replacing the tub or shower, we will just work around both of those with new tile that will hopefully be timeless and I want to take the tile to the ceiling around the shower to elongate that wall and make it a bit grander.
  • I am doing up a template for some beautiful honed granite countertops and new sinks and matte black farmhouse faucets
  • I think think that’s enough for now, in “testing” out ripping out one piece of tile, the drywall came right with it, so I am figuring out the best way to go after this project, it might be best to just cut it out and replace the drywall……stay tuned!

Here are the Before Pics – ughhhhh!

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