DIY Plant Pot Stand


All of these measurements are specific to my project, be sure to do your own measurements for the size of pot you are using.

  • First measure the width of your pot at the widest part, that will be the measurement you need for the Cross Cut for base
  • Second Cross Cut will be the same length of the first one minus the width of your wood and then divided by 2:

8″ – 1.75″ (width of wood) = 6.25″ and then cut that in half (3.12″ each)

So you will have these 3 pieces for your Cross Cuts to form your base:

8″ piece

3.12″ piece (x2)

  • Put your pocket holes into these cross pieces in the spots you need to connect them together securely (see picture)
  • Apply Gorilla glue to each piece and then screw them together


  • Decide how high off the ground you want your plant to stand and then also how high up the side of the pot you want your wood to go. I wanted this little guy approx 5-6″ off ground and not all the way to the top of the pot so I went with 9″ side pieces.
  • Cut the four sides of the plant stand and do the same thing with your pocket holes, glue and screw together
  • Be sure you place and screw the base at the height you want it, this is totally a personal preference, just make sure you mark it evenly on each side piece so that the plant sits flush


  • sand and stain/paint once the glue is set and the stand is sturdy
  • place your pot inside your stand – SO cute!

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