DIY – Upcycle an Old Canvas Picture

This is an easy DIY that you can do in under one hour (plus dry time) – and it is upcycling an item in my house which makes me super happy, an item that might otherwise have ended up in the garbage (wasteful).

As your decorating tastes change over time, if you are like me, you have a collection of old pictures etc. somewhere in storage, and this canvas picture of the cow was too cute to throw away, and also not cute enough to adorn my walls!

Here are the very simple steps to update this piece:

  • Paint your canvas picture whatever color you want the new background – allow to dry
  • Cut your wood frame (I used 1″ X 2″ select pine*) using either a mitre or butt joint corner, I used a butt joint here
  • using a air nailer, nail the frame onto the new canvas and use some glue on the corners as well
  • I had a friend create the words I wanted out of vinyl on her cricut machine

*Select pine is a nicer cut of pine that is alot smoother, it’s easier to work with and requires very little sanding

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