DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder in ONE hour

If you have ever seen one of these and wanted one (I did!!), you need to read this!

I was surprised at how little time it takes and is very VERY easy, I know ALL of you can do it! Blanket ladders in the store are upwards of $100 and this one I made cost me approximately $40 and I am super happy with how it turned out, as a matter of fact I like it more than any one I have seen and admired, because I could customize my stain color and make it original for me.

Also when I made this, I did a DIY Challenge on Instagram called the “onehourdiy” so basically I had to have it all done in one hour, and I did (the stain was still a little tacky), but YAY me!!!


  • 1-10 foot 2X4 cut in half = 2-5 foot pieces
  • 5 pieces 18″ length industrial pipe 1/2″
  • 10 pipe ends 1/2″
  • matte black Rustoleum spray paint
  • Stain of your choice
  • Sand paper


  • Saw to cut 2X4
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Tape Measure
  • Sand Paper or Sander (I used a Mouse Sander)
  • Paint brush or rag (I used a rag)


  1. Spray paint the industrial pipe and pipe ends with the Matte Black Spray Paint **leave the ends on the pipe so that the paint doesn’t mess up the thread of the pipe***do NOT purchase the black industrial pipe thinking you will be saving a step because those pipes are covered in an oil and will rub off on your blankets 😦
  2. Cut your 10 foot 2X4 in half to make your ladder sides = 2-5 foot pieces
  3. Measure 15″ from from bottom and make your first mark for the bottom ladder rung, then every 10″ from there, totaling 5 markings
  4. Next measure half of the width of the board at each of those markings and mark that measurement (make an “x”) that will be where you want to drill each hole
  5. Find the right size drill bit to make a hole slightly larger than your pipe and drill those holes. Make sure you clamp your wood down really well so when you drill the holes it doesn’t move. Also be sure to drill straight into the board so your pipe will slide through perfectly
  6. Once my first board was drilled I stacked it on top of my second board and used that as a guide. I clamped them both very well with my Kreg Jig clamp (aaahhhhmazing) and drilled away, literally took 1 minute to drill each hole (probably less)
  7. Sand the entire board well to get the rough patches particularly around the holes you just drilled
  8. Stain the boards any color you want and let dry
  9. Install the pipes into the holes (take off the ends that you left on for painting) and then attach a pipe end on each side of the pipe on the outside of the board rail
  10. Hang your blankets and ADMIRE your hard work!

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