SPRING is coming!

Where I live it feels like winter last FOREVER, and its really, really cold here. As soon as I feel the days getting longer and the mornings getting earlier I get very anxious to start freshening up my home and coming out of hibernation. Its only the end of February but the ground hog did promise an early Spring and this year I am counting on it. Or else I am going to start hunting…..I think you get where this is going.

There are simple little things you can do to freshen your home and it doesn’t have to cost alot or any money, and it makes your space just feel better. I don’t know about you but through our winter season I definately feel like I get lazy with some things – deep cleaning would be one of those things.

In this blog I am going to show you the few things that I do every Spring to get me in a happy head space šŸ™‚

  • ENTRY WAY: I like to freshen up my entry way front and back, all winter its over run with big winter boots, toques, mitts – you name it, all the STUFF! So this Spring I found these free, yes FREE downloadable pictures and framed them in frames I already had and put them on the wall. When I walk by the pop of color instantly makes me feel happy! If you are on Instagram, you can grab these water color pictures at @craftberrybush or at http://www.craftberrybush.com, she is an amazing artist and often shares free downloads – WIN!!
  • FRESH FLOWERS & OR PLANTS: I start buying fresh flowers around this time every week, they don’t have to be expensive and can even be from you local grocery store but that pop of color again just does so much for you when you are only used to seeing brown for so many months, crazy how it makes your brain happy. Also it helps me anticipate my garden plan for the summer months. Just last week the sun hadn’t come out in a few days so I took a trip to Home Depot and picked up a snake plant, getting my hands in the dirt just felt nice – maybe weird but it works for me šŸ™‚
  • WINDOWS: I clean my windows and screens, this is not a fun job but I put on some good tunes and just get at it. Fresh clean windows are the best, just use vinegar and water for the windows (no streaks) and for the screens I use a loofah sponge and lather it up with Dawn dishsoap. Ahhhhhh, so fresh! A good playlist is a must though, it helps you forget what you are doing.

  • CLOSETS: Clean out the entry closets – again not much fun but when you have better organization, honestly your life is just better because clutter also clutters the mind – WORD.

  • THROW PILLOWS: Throw Pillows are a great and inexpensive (can be expensive depending on your taste) way to change up a space for every season. I have a staple set of throw pillows in a cream color and I add different sized seasonal ones to layer it up and create a new look. Ikea is a great resource for some inexpensive choices as well, call me crazy but I have even gone to the thrift store and bought a sweater and cut it up into a pillow – you never know what kind of textiles you will find there, if cauliflower can be a pizza crust then why can’t a thrift store sweater be a pillow?

  • BEDDING: Bedding for Spring in our house looks like lighter duvets and duvet covers. Again, I purchased lightweight duvets at Ikea for the Spring and Summer months and they also have great prices on duvet covers, I don’t feel too guilty about purchasing a new one for Spring šŸ˜‰

  • WALL FLOWERS: Lastly one of the things I absolutely love is going to Bath and Body Works and picking up some new scents for my wall flowers! When I walk in after a long day a fresh scent meets my nose and I pretend I am somewhere tropical, because for a little while longer we are going to have snow so a good imagination is key.

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