My WHY for DIY

I am a home body, I always have been, I love being at home, I love making a home, I love coming home, I love ALL THE THINGS about home.

I have always been into fixing things up, making the old new again, upcycling items and making new uses for them, it’s always been my jam. I am at nature a very frugal and conscientious shopper so this has always come easy to me and I really hate paying full price for anything, in order for me to do that I have to absolutely love it. So if I can find a way to re purpose something it means more money for the next project! I also am very impatient, so if I want something now I will see if it is something I can make on my own instead of purchase – you would be surprised what you can google for instructions these days. I literally lay in bed at night and think of home improvement projects, my mind is always churning about that stuff.

These days I find so much more meaning in my DIY projects, I am a new Empty Nester and approaching 50…..did I just say that number? Its crazy to me that our girls are both grown, all the time I used to fill running them around and doing all the things you do as a mom of young kids, and now, well……..DIY!

DIY has helped fill a void for me, it has helped to give me purpose in my days that now are SO different than they used to be.

**On a side note, it isn’t cliche when people say to you that “they grow up fast” and “don’t wish these days away”, you know what I’m talking about, all those comments older people said to you when your kids were mis-behaving in the grocery store and you want to rip your hair out. I would roll my eyes at those little old ladies and now I feel like I am becoming one – LOL, not really, but it does seriously feel like it went way to fast.

Having projects to plan out and research help me get through the days where it feels so quiet and lonely. Because when you are used to having two very busy kids that depend on you for their everything, when they are gone it is QUIET! I get incredible satisfaction from painting a wall, it is instant gratification for me actually, a complete new look with one stroke of the brush is amazing! Think about that, one stroke of a brush and it’s a whole new look and gives the room a whole new feel, painting is honestly one of my favorite things to do, and I am GOOD at it (i have painted alot!!!) I can paint a room pretty fast, ask my husband how many times he has come home to a whole new look – ha!

My DIY time is also when I do some of my deepest thinking, often times I will have a good podcast on in the background or maybe it’s some good music, depending on how I feel, but all that time alone is when a great amount of self reflection happens for me. It’s cheaper than therapy – well, sometimes cheaper than therapy, depending on the project 😉

So that is my WHY for DIY, it give me more purpose in my day, gives me satisfaction and forces me to be creative, it’s therapeutic and is like a new Best Friend that is always there waiting to keep you company and challenge you, DIY is ALL THE THINGS for me these days and I couldn’t be happier.

So if you have ever wanted to try some DIY with tools or just crafting or whatever it is, just GO FOR IT, STOP THINKING and START DOING! I promise you will surprise yourself! Reach out, I am always here, we all start some where!

Photo credits: Abi Hartzler

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