Light Without Electricity – Wait, What?!!!!

When I installed this Beverage Centre area I wished I would have done some lighting above the open shelves but I literally did this in a ONE day DIY so getting any hard wired electrical didn’t happen. In ONE day I extended the countertop, added the wine storage cabinet, added the fridge and also added the open shelving above. The previous countertop stopped and went on an angle where the new wine cubbies are now – it was circa 2001, and so are the cabinets but that is a whole other project, and WAY more than a ONE day DIY.

Can you believe that the same countertop was available 18 years later? I was lucky. I wanted to surprise my husband for Fathers Day with this Wine Fridge so I did the whole thing while he was out at work one day (with the help of a Contractor) .

Anyhow, like I said I had always wanted a light and then I came across this idea from another DIY’er on Instagram, how to install a light without electricity, best idea ever! It has totally transformed my space, and the best part is that I can see what it looks like with the light now (it’s just a hole in the wall for the hanging plate) so if I want it hard wired down the road I can totally do that.

It was honestly one of the quickest and easiest DIY projects I have ever done. The supplies you need:

  • the light fixture
  • screw plugs (if not drilling brace into a stud)
  • LED puck light with remote control
  • socket adapter
  • glue gun or two way tape

The steps are simple:

  1. mount the bracket on the wall where you want the light fixture
  2. screw the adapter into the light socket
  3. glue the Puck Light to the adapter
  4. hang on the wall
  5. turn on

Crazy right? Now go around your home and see if there are places you can utilize this little trick – so fun!

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