Painted Tile Floors

I wanted an update to my 19 year old bathroom but didn’t have the time for a complete demo so I decided to try this whole paint the tile thing. Let’s just say I am MORE than impressed and happy with how the project turned out!

I was totally skeptical, maybe mostly because I have already purchased the new tile that I want to install, but also I was worried about how it would hold up and if it would look cheap – nevermind the fact that I was totally nervous about my stenciling skills, it’s not as easy as the HGTV stars make it look.

Prepping the tile is the MOST important part of this project, cleaning the grout very well with a scrub brush and cleaner and always having a tack cloth on hand for anything that you may have missed along the way. After the cleaning is done – give it one last vacuum or sweep and you are off to the races!

Tape off your baseboards well, I didn’t use the right tape and it peeled my white base boards so that will be my next little fix it project – sigh….

Start with your primer, I did 3 coats – let it dry completely in between, and DO NOT SKIP this step. If you ever notice that when you are doing a project and the primer sticks to your hands for like a week afterwards? Even after scrubbing? Exactly, that is why we use 3 coats of primer, for the best adhesion.

Next onto your chalk paint base color (gray for me) and then let that dry completely, and then it’s time to pull out the stencil. I purchased my stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, they have (in my opinion) the best selection and prices.

The biggest piece of advice I will give is don’t use too much paint, it bleeds really easily, like REALLY easily. I kept a paper towel with me and rolled out the paint on that before I took it to the floor, then just GO FOR IT! Pick a tile any tile, you have to start somewhere right? I started in the middle, I don’t know why, just did.

Another great piece of advice (which I didn’t have at the time) is to use spray adhesive on the back of your stencil to help hold it in place. This would be especially handy when you are doing the outside edges and all the little tricky parts. Which if you look closely, I still have some edge work and touch ups to do, so I will try this spray adhesive trick.

Lastly you are going to want to seal this beautiful work of art you just spent an entire weekend doing. Again, do NOT skip this part or the paint will scratch off. I did 2 coats of top coat.

Here are the products I used:

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER

Ya, the BEFORE was SUPER ugly…as a matter of fact I just happened to choose the exact same tile as the Home Depot bathroom had like 15 years ago, hows that for no taste, I have come a LONG way baby 😉

Also note the backsplash – that was the same tile (cause I just couldn’t get enough of the multi color tile), and I prepped and painted that the exact same way as the floor, only obviously no stencil was used and a darker charcoal color chalk paint. Looks so much better as it blends with the countertop.

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