Capsule Wardrobe Project

Lately I’ve been doing alot of purging and feeling frustrated in doing so. How and WHY do I have so much STUFF, clothing, home decor – all of it. Well lets be clear….I know “HOW”, obviously I like to shop but I am starting to wonder why I buy what I buy and then never use or wear it. I am finding it very over whelming when I truly feel that I always use and wear about 25% of all of it – seems very very wasteful. On top of wasteful it just makes getting dressed more confusing than it has to be – been there?

Then I came across this concept called Capsule Wardrobes! Why have I never heard of this, have I been living under a rock? Have you heard of this and do you practice this? Like seriously this is a game changer for me and I couldn’t be more excited.

I don’t know about you but when I get invited to an outing of any sort, the very first thing I worry about is what I am going to wear and I automatically feel as if I should make a quick trip to the mall to get something fabulous. And I wear that fabulous item ONE TIME. And then there it sits in my closet, taking up space and basically a complete waste of money.

Another thing about my wardrobe is that I think I wear about 25% of it over and over, because I love basics and I love a classic look….this is 45, I want to be the mother and wife that doesn’t look like she is still trying to be 25, that’s important to me. And trust me, when you have two grown daughters it’s pretty easy to get caught up with all the new cute styles…..but 45.

This concept really appeals to me for those exact reasons. Of course you can add a piece here and there to spice things up BUT only purchasing something you absolutely LOVE will make you think twice before you buy. Are you purchasing something to suit the outing you have and maybe even to suit the people you are going out with? If so why? I am very guilty of trying to suit the people I am going out with, and with that mindset you purchase things you would NEVER wear….so dumb. But I have this one friend, that her style is really amazing, like really amazing ON HER but I put it on and look like a clown, it just doesn’t work but I still try, every single time. Just accept who YOU are and be who YOU are and what you wear will look amazing on YOU. Honor your originality and you will be comfortable in your clothes and in your own skin, not trying to be or look like your bestie!

In a world where you can be anybody….be YOU!

Here is an example of what this concept looks like, its super simple. I love The Gap, Old Navy and H & M (not sponsored) for their basics, if they last one season I am happy, cause I didn’t break the bank purchasing them. Of course all of these pieces can be custom for you, for example if you don’t prefer skinny jeans, find the fit that is good for your body type. I for one do NOT where pencil skirts, I love them so much but I look like a sausage. A better fit for my body type is a skirt with a bit of a flare at the bottom – it’s just a fact of life.

I have had my black blazer for literally 25 years, I love the fit and style of it, so that goes to show you a good basic can last a very long time! All of these pieces can be mix and matched together every which way.

Thanks for popping in today! I hope this little blog post helps you with basic dressing if you ever are like me and stand in front of my closet and think I have NOTHING TO WEAR, breaking it down to basics is always a WIN friends!

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