One Room Challenge – Week #2

Transom Transformation & White Walls for the win!

Week 2 is in the books!!

Who knew that a tiny little corner pantry would be SO much work. The transformation of this tiny little space this week has made me smile. I pulled out the wire shelving that was installed 19 years ago, lets just say I spent ALOT of time filling and sanding – good arm work out!

If I had any tips for new builds, paint ALL your closets in your house white, NOT the color of the room. I like to paint often and change it up, its such an easy inexpensive change with a huge impact. But the trouble with that is if you do the closets the “color of the season” then you have alot more work ahead of you when you want to change color. Getting inside a tiny little space with a roller isn’t always the easiest – I got paint all over the place.

I went with Benjamin Moore Cloud White (Semi Gloss finish) inside the pantry and every time I open it up it literally makes my heart want to sing! It’s SO bright, clean and welcoming. As I update the rest of my house that is definitely something I will adopt, painting out each closet white ;).

I installed shiplap at the top of the pantry to create some visual interest and add texture to the space. The product I used for this shiplap was underlay from Home Depot, it was super in expensive and easy to work with, I love the way it turned out – I believe in total it cost me about $20.00.

OK let’s talk TRANSOM TRANSFORMATION!!!! My favorite part of the pantry makeover this week. We have 9 foot ceilings so I have room to add a 12″ transom on top of my door. By adding this transom and taking out my old hanging pot rack, it created so much height in my kitchen, making the room feel grand, it really opened up the space. Then I had the simple black metal pendant hung and the transom created a beautiful frame for the light and it grounds the eye because of the dark color. What do you think? I love it.

To see other One Room Challenge participants, head on over to their Blog – .

See you next week with more kitchen makeover fun! OH!!! and I had to take a head space break from the whole changing the cabinets from maple orange to a color, I was getting way to worked up about it – lol, hopefully this week I will have some clarity!

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