One Room Challenge-Week #1

I am so excited to be a Guest on the One Room Challenge! Today I will be sharing my plans for a DIY Kitchen face lift, as you can see my yellowy, orangey solid maple cabinets in all their 2001 glory! When we custom built this house back then, that was really the in thing and I’ve heard rumblings that wood is on it’s way back in…….so I am contemplating what to do with these solid built cabinets and have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Week #1 I am focusing on making that builder’s grade corner pantry not so “builder’s grade” by installing a transom window above the door and showcasing some shiplap and a pendant light through it. I had been thinking about a vintage door with glass, however my pantry isn’t neat as a pin all the time (ok, actually never!) so I decided against that option. I already do love the dark grey door and island so that will remain as is. Besides I think it will be pretty to be able to hang a seasonal wreath on the door too.

Here is a little Inspiration Board (the door is from @shiplapaddict), as well as some before pics and where I am at now.

It seemed like a smaller project but there is alot of thought is going into this and I’m so excited, I can barely sleep (anybody relate)! I might be a little in over my head on this One Room Challenge but I am just jumping right in, true “Tracey Style”. This is already turning into a bigger project that anticipated so stay tuned every week to see the updates. I will post below a few more before pics of my kitchen before and what I got done so far. Thanks to my dad who built custom homes for years, he was the transom wizard! Also note the white door and island prior to the charcoal – I LOVE the grey.

So week #1 is in the books, I can’t wait to post every single week the progress on my little (BIG) kitchen face lift.

In the meantime, here is the link back to the ORC Blog so that you can see all the amazing talent out there and what other’s are doing!

2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge-Week #1

  1. Stopping in from the ORC – I am doing my kitchen this season, too.

    I love the gray island. I can’t wait to see all that you do to transform this space. Looking forward to following along.

    Elizabeth |


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