23 Years Ago we got married – Wait What?

Truly it feels like yesterday that we got married. This picture basically captures what it has been like, a whirlwind! There has been lots of laughs, lots of tears, 2 amazing daughters that are now their own little adults, a home in the country that we built in the middle of a hay field, more animals that I can count over the years and not one single regret. In honour of the 23 years we will celebrate, here are 23 fun facts about us:
1) we were high school sweet hearts
2) I told his mother I would marry him when I was just 13
3) we run marathons together
4) we do NOT train together
5) we have 2 grown daughters 18 and 21
6) we live in the country and have 5 horses, 2 dogs & 2 barn kitties
7) he is a cowboy by weekend and downtown business man by week
8) I dabble in the down town business life VERY part time
9) we love to cook together, anything mexican is always the favorite
10) Sundays are sacred for so many reasons but we reserve them for family time
11) our favorite dinner outing is the KEG
12) we often attend Joey’s happy hour for the best appetizers once a week after work
13) he picks all his own dress clothes
14) we wear the same perfume/cologne (Hugo Boss) and have since we’ve known each other
15) he gives me all his old Levis so I can cut them into shorts – which I basically live in
16) we prefer ball caps and t-shirts to any other style hands down
17) we would rather stay home on a friday night than go to a busy place (unless with friends)
18) we get up at 4:30 am on our downtown work days
19) we built all the fences on our property together (there is ALOT)
20) we’ve shingled a roof together too
21) our home used to be a hay field, we built and planted every single thing on it
22) he hates house renos – he thinks an area rug is a reno (for real)
23) I love house renos so I do them while he is away on business trips 😉
Lisa Pedersen Photography

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